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Cultural Education


Working with the community.

Thirroul Public School promotes respect and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures through providing inclusive integrated curriculum programs for all students. Staff work in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, community and NIAECG networks to ensure collaborative decision making and future planning directions that reflect the desires of our community. Students are given opportunities to experience and learn about culture through special performances, projects led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, excursions, national celebrations, Community of Schools combined events and inclusive curriculum. Aboriginal students are recognised and educationally supported through events such as the Garuwanda Awards ceremony, Aboriginal Public Speaking competitions, Reconciliation Morning Tea and a variety of Community of Schools projects. 

Inclusive curriculum.




Multicultural Education

Thirroul Public School celebrates the diverse cultures that make up our society both in the community and abroad. Students are provided with curriculum planning that integrates multicultural perspectives and knowledge. With the integration of technology, students are sharing knowledge and culture more globally through a multitude of computer software and applications. Our school is connected with a South Korean school, Guhag Elementary. Many students will have the opportunity to correspond with students from the Korean culture through letters, art and Edmodo communication sites. Thirroul Public School also celebrates Harmony Day annually and encourages parents and community to come along and share their culture with their child's class. 

Diverse activities.