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Staff Professional Learning

To maintain quality teaching practises teachers will often have the opportunity to attend professional development courses. These courses are vital in supporting the needs of all students in our classroom. At courses teachers learn new teaching practises they can then implement in their classrooms. Keeping up to date with current teaching practises is a vital component of successful learning.


CPR and Anaphylaxis

Staff  often participate in mandatory CPR and Anaphylaxis training. We regularly engage in emergency care courses as part of our continued professional development to ensure all staff are skilled, up to date and confident to respond to any emergency situation. The CPR course consisted of practical examinations including the administration of an Epipen as well as how to perform CPR.




Targeting Early Numeracy - TEN



Taking Off With Numeracy - TOWN



Focus On Reading



Language Literacy and Learning - L3



Gifted and Talented Education



Maths and Movement



Crunch and Sip



First Aid Training



Diabetes Training